Lease Skoda Fabia

If you would like to drive a new Skoda Fabia and you are currently thinking about whether or not the lease option would be the right way to go for you, then I hope that you will find this article useful. Of course there are both advantages and disadvantages to taking out a lease for Skoda Fabia cars, so I will try to present both sides in an unbiased manner to help you to make the correct decision. I will do this by looking at both the pros – the advantages, and the cons, or disadvantages, in turn.

Perhaps the primary advantage which is associated with taking up a lease is the fact that you will be able to drive away a car without having to pay a large lump sum to make a purchase, and with smaller payments each month throughout the term of your contract than the payments you would have to make each month if you took out some kind of loan to buy your new Skoda Fabia.

Another advantage is the fact that taking a lease is the most hassle free option that you can take. You should be able to find a deal which will cover any repairs, maintenance and servicing which are needed, and at the end of the contract you do not have all of the hassle which is associated selling your car. Also the uncertainty over the value of your car when you sell it is eliminated.

This leads neatly into the main disadvantage, which is the fact that you do not keep the retained value of the vehicle, but instead have to hand it back at the end of the contract. Skoda Fabia cars are known to be very reliable and so have strong resale values, which may mean that this is a significant ‘con’ when it comes to taking a lease rather than buying one of these cars.