Other Skoda Models - The Skoda Roomster

The Skoda Roomster is truly unique. The Roomster offers so much practicality. It boasts the practicality of a compact MPV, the running costs of a hatchback and the loadspace of an estate. The Skoda is a refreshing addition to the Skoda line.

At First impression the Skoda Roomster resembles models like the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Renault Kangoo. The Roomster is more than a value for money bargain. It offers more innovative features and will catch buyers attention based on its own merit.

The Roomster was designed with two different areas of space in mind. A front driving space, and the rear riding space. The front feels like a conventional hatchback while the rear is spacious and has more of an MPV feel. Yet the car is able to maintain its compact size.

The Czech company can take full credit for the unique design of the Roomster. The car doesn’t resemble any of the models in the VW range. It seems that the company has finally been able to break away and strike out on its own.

The car boasts an excellent build quality and is not easily compared to other van-like rivals. The Roomster’s controls, dials and displays have a high-quality feel the quality of the materials used is very good. But it's the Roomster’s folding rear seats that set the car apart from other models in this sector. The rear seats can be folded, collapsed, or removed completely. This adds to the vehicles practicality and versatility.


The Roomster seems to be fairly priced other van-based rivals are less expensive, but can’t bost the same level of quality as the Roomster. There are many cost options offered, and this will be very tempting, but these options will bopost the initial purchase price by quite a lot. Insurance and fuel costs are competitive.

Skoda boasts a new and innovative seating arrangement called Varioflex seating. The three rear seats consist of two full-size chairs and a smaller middle seat. The seats can function independently, and each can be folded flat, removed completely or made to slide backwards, forwards or sideways. Take them all out and you can enjoy all the benefits of a van.

Skoda has also implemented new dials and controls that are attractive, clear and functional. Despite sharing many items and controls with other Volkswagens, the Roomster conceals many of the similarities quite well.

Seats offer good support and decent levels of comfort, though the rear center seat should only be used occasionally and only for short journeys. The seat can be used as an armrest or table-tray. The car provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

Accessibility to the Roomster is good. It scores better than the average hatchback in terms of easy access. The inside seating arrangement can be adjusted to meet the individual owner’s needs and should further enhance accessibility.

Only top models come with rear parking sensors. Without the sensors rear visibility can cause some parking problems. Wing mirrors could have been bigger. Steering is light but the turning circle is large.

Life Style

From the outside the Roomster may appear van-like but the truth is the car drives and feels like a conventional mid- sized hatchback. Despite the high, square sides there is negligible body roll. The car boasts an excellent braking system, and even though the Roomster wasn’t built with performance in mind, it will perform daily duties quite competently.

A small family could make good use of a Roomster. The Roomster seems to be a really great all-round vehicle. This car could easily deal with all the rigors of family life. It might also be a viable vehicle as a second car to a family.

Skoda is no longer the bargain basement company that they used to be. The Roomster boasts first-rate build quality. In fact, a growing number of buyers believe that Skoda’s build quality is consistently better than parent company Volkswagen's.

Security and Safety

Mid-range Roomster 2 models come with a security alarm system. This is a generous standard and one may guess the reason the firm has been so generous is because it is too easy to see valuables inside the car.

The car comes equipped with front, side and curtain airbags. All seats have three-point belts, and ABS and EBD are also standard fit on the Roomster.  ESP is only offered as an option.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a single-slot CD radio. There are several optional upgrades available. The ¬†unit provides good sound quality and steering wheel mounted controls come standard for the driver’s convenience.
The Roomster comes with three trim levels, Roomster 1, Roomster 2 and Roomster 3. Entry level models come with all the basics including the innovative seating arrangement. Roomster 2 provides the best value for money and Roomster 3 is on the luxury end of the spectrum. Including leather trim and a panoramic sunroof. The car’s exterior looks the most flattering in bold colours.


Skoda’s past reputation for providing a value for money product may hamper a buyer’s desire to give the Roomster a fair chance. The Roomster offers buyers a fair price for the practicality and versatility on offer, and the car still offers Skoda’s reliability.